Thursday, February 9, 2012

Full-Time Tip:

If you work near a Target or grocery store and you get an hour break for lunch, run your errands during your lunch break.  Have a list, have a budget, get in, get out.  Then you can just go straight home after work to have more time with the fam.  Obviously the grocery run isn't the big "stock-up-the-fridge" type of trip.  It is for the little things that you might need to complete that night's meal or an essential household or baby item.

When do you eat lunch then?  I either eat my meal while still on the clock, working at my desk or I have enough hearty snacks packed that I can nibble throughout the day.  Because I am still on the clock I'm very careful to not take an actual break.  I'm truly working and getting things done as I eat.  If you really need to you can eat in your car on the way but that isn't very relaxing, or safe, if you ask me.

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