Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mom Memory: The Feeling

This month at Mile High Mamas I was asked to write about a "motherhood memory" in honor of Mother's Day fast approaching. Being that I've only been a mom for two years I feel like every experience is a memory worth sharing whether it's good or bad.

But since I had to pick one, I went with the first time I experienced "the feeling." Click here to see what I mean and please share with me when you experienced "the feeling" yourself. Was it similar to mine and do you remember the first time it hit you?

Have a great day, Mamas!


  1. I remember that feeling, and it happened to me in the hospital as well. For me, it did border a bit on panic. As I looked at this tiny little being, realizing that I loved him so much my SKIN ached, realizing that no matter what happened from then on, I would never be the same, was terrifying. My MIL told me that when you have kids, it's like your heart is walking around on the outside, and it's so true. The vulnerability was so keen, unlike anything I'd ever really felt. Luckily, the panic quickly morphed into feeling blessed that I have something so precious to cherish, but I've never forgotten those first moments of realization: This is motherhood.