Monday, April 15, 2013

Heigh Ho...

Heigh ho, heigh ho, it's back to work I go!

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Day one back at work is complete. Overall it went really well. Kind of like I never left! My desk was just as I had left it and my co-workers, boss, and I picked right up where we left off. The only minor snag was one of my co-workers sitting in MY chair when I walked in the room for our team meeting. So I kept it professional and simply raised my arm, index finger pointed, and with a swoopy head move and exaggerated voice declared, "OH HELLLLL NO!" He returned to his usual seat, I returned to mine and all was right in the world again. Kendra = 1, Co-worker = 0.

I came prepared with plenty of pictures of my sweet little P-Nut, as well as updated photos of Little C. Seeing their cute faces all day made it easier.

I did have my first ever "pumping at work experience" which also went rather well. At first I was a bit tense being in a room I'd never been in, praying that the lock on the door wasn't going to malfunction somehow and I'd have some random person barge in to find the human cow they probably weren't prepared to see!

My milk wasn't letting down quickly because I was so tense and it took me a moment or two to relax before the "girls" started to flow. I had pictures on my phone to look at P-Nut which really helped, then I received a text from Hubs with a video he had taken of our girl yesterday. He knew I was pumping at that moment and thought it would help me out. It was so sweet and thoughtful!

As for little Miss P-Nut, I checked in with her once before lunch and things were going great! She is actually at home with my Aunt until May 1st when she will start at C's daycare. I think having her at home with someone I trust helped to make this first day back much easier. Also, having done this once before didn't hurt the situation either.

The hardest part about the day was the morning. I felt a bit scrambled trying to get out the door, nervous that I was forgetting something. I must have checked my pump bag to ensure I had all the components at least a dozen times. I also had to go through all of the details with my Aunt when she got to the house and I felt like I was talking a mile a minute to get all the info out.

The other hard part about the morning was my poor Little C. I had been so worked up about getting myself and P-Nut organized for me to head back to work and prepping everything the night before that I never took the time to explain to C that my Aunt would be coming over to watch his sister while he was at school.

:: palm-head:: DUH, Mom!!

So my Aunt arrived and Little C was super excited to see her. He wanted to show her his trucks and read his fire truck book with her. But when it came time for me to have my Aunt's undivided attention C was NOT having it. He started in with the tantrums and couldn't understand why our visitor wasn't there to play with him. He screamed and cried when we explained he had to go to school. Hubs dropped him of at daycare and said by the time they got there he was doing a much better job and he calmed down.

We felt terrible for not thinking about how he was going to react. I'm hoping tomorrow is easier on him.

Last but not least, I dusted the cobwebs off the 'ole high heels to wear to work today and wouldn't ya know it's a freaking BLIZZARD outside right now! So NOT looking forward to heading out and brushing off the car in my heels with no hose or stocking on. brrrrrrr!

Today's Lessons:
  1. Your toddler is not a mind reader, you idiot.
  2. I've sat in the same chair for SIX years here at work and will continue to do so. thankyouverymuch!
  3. Chill at the pump
  4. No matter how late you may be running, grab your dang boots if there is even a chance of snowfall.
Don't let this happen to you. Working mom best practices are essential! ;)

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