Friday, April 5, 2013

Mama and Baby - Month 3

This has been the fastest 12 weeks of my entire life!!! Not only the fastest but also the most challenging and the most amazing.

I can't believe P-Nut is 3 months old! Do you think I will say that every month we get to? Probs.
Little Miss is doing so well and I think all of us are excited to be out of the newborn stage. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing in this world like a newborn. Their smell, their sounds, they ooze preciousness out of every pore. But they are also loaves of bread, pooping machines, and A LOT of work!
We are all having fun with the fact that she is interacting more and more and I think even SHE is pleased to be out of newborn status. This girl desperately wants to sit up or stand up any chance she gets. Yes, I said stand! Whenever she is on her back she squeezes her tubby little abs and pushes her chin up in an attempt to sit up. And when you are holding her in your lap all you need to do is hold her hands to give her something to use as leverage and she will push up to standing!
She holds her head up on her own and she is starting to really chat up a storm. Mostly making cooing sounds and loud bursts of noise which is darn cute.
Little C is still in love with his sister. I was nervous that the novelty would wear off at some point and he might ask us when she would be leaving, or something like that. But he wants to be near her, hold her, and talk to her every chance he gets. Currently, his favorite game is to try and get her to say, "Ahh-goo." He still calls her, "Baby Sis" but also picks up on what we call her and will often refer to her as, "Smiley Girl" or "Sweetie." So. Stinking. Cute.



We are still trucking right along with breastfeeding and supplementing with soy formula when necessary. I have definitely turned a corner with breastfeeding and I have to say it is getting easier and...
I am starting to enjoy it.
I know, I know, after writing that long drawn out post about how I don't like it I am feeling a bit silly. It's just that, at the time I wrote the post those feelings were very real and if there is another mom out there that feels the same way I am here to say it gets better.
The pain is relatively non-existent at this point and I've even become used to the vasospasms after pumping. P-Nut does very well going from the breast to the bottle so I am very lucky in that regard and I'm hoping that will help for when I go back to work.
The journey continues...

My darling girl is now sleeping through the night!!! She is put down between 8pm-9pm and sleeps until 6:45am. Not 6:30am, not 7am, but 6:45. Of course there are nights where this varies but we've seem to find our groove. Can I get a "Hallelujah!!"
P-Nut has had a cough for about 2 1/2 weeks. That has been a killer. The poor thing wakes up from naps or at night having coughing fits that seem so hard on her. We are doing everything we can to keep her comfortable: humidifier, saline drops, suction when necessary, elevated crib mattress or she sleeps in her car seat, steam baths, etc.
Luckily, there is no fever or ear infections so we are just going to keep doing what we're doing. If it starts going into next week I think the Pediatrician will come up with plan B.
Mama Update:
I am doing very well. The solid nights of sleep really make a difference. I'm gearing up to go back to work which is now going to be on 4/15 instead of 4/8. I had to negotiate a later start because of daycare issues and I am very fortunate that my boss allowed it. I'm ecstatic to have a little more time with my P-Nut.

Physically I'm doing pretty good. My back gets tired from carrying my girl and chasing after a toddler and even the way I sit while nursing or pumping can leaving by back tense or sore. I think I need to find a different way of doing both. I am back down to my pre-pregnancy weight which is truly a divine intervention because I assure you I have not been working out. Like, at all. I'm not bragging because Lord knows I still have a long way to go to be at the healthy weight I would like but I do bring it up because it is something I'm proud of.
I've been eating well, and often because breastfeeding leaves me feeling as hungry as I did while pregnant. Plus, not being able to eat dairy has probably helped as well. But now I'm ready to start working out again and firming up. I may have lost the weight but there is plenty of jiggle I'd be happy to get rid of.
Lastly, I just want to state for the record that not only do I feel silly for my "not liking breastfeeding" post, but also my "I'm sad I didn't have another boy" post. Again, the feelings at the time I wrote both were totally legit and real and felt necessary to get out. But now that P-Nut is here to enjoy, I am on cloud nine. Having a girl has been a wonderful experience so far and I am so in love with my daughter. ::foot inserted directly into mouth::
But who couldn't love this little Nut?!?!




  1. That pic of you and your darling baby in a sling is TOO CUTE! She looks like a doll with that face of hers. I love it. She's just so tiny and perfectly formed!!