Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The big FOUR!

Little C,

Happy Birthday to my best boy! I can't believe you are four now. Actually, that's not true... the other day your Dad and I were chatting about you and we both agreed how much you have changed in the past few months. Not only do we notice how much taller and bigger you are getting, but your conversations and your behavior seem very "four-like." I hope that makes sense. ;)

Anyway, your Dad and I are so stinking proud of you! You have so many noble qualities which we truly admire. You are very empathetic and considerate of others feelings. You are generous and kind. You are also extremely good at expressing how you feel verbally. I believe this to be an impressive trait which you developed at a very young age. Some may call it sensitive and as the outside world begins to impress upon you their own ideas of how little boys are "supposed" to act and feel, I hope you don't lose sight of all the characteristics I just mentioned. Your empathy and kindness are not boy or girl qualities, they are human qualities that most people lose sight of as they get older and suppress who they really are for the sake of fitting in. My hope for you is that you remain your authentic self as you continue to grow and don't lose sight of the sweet little boy that you have always been.

But aside from all of that (I think by now we know where you get your talkative nature from), you are also one tough cookie! Still a calculated risk taker but every time you get nervous or don't think you can do something, you always go through with it anyway and learn that you could do it all along! You love sports and currently soccer is what you enjoy playing the most. Your skills have come a long way since you started at 2 1/2.

You thirst for knowledge and have really taken to reading books filled with facts and tidbits about animals. All animals. All the time. You want to know everything about them and I'm always impressed by how much you retain what you learn.

Your favorite food is pizza. Favorite snacks are grapes. Favorite shows are currently Octonauts (mostly because you are on an ocean animal kick) as well as The Croods. You still are very attached to your white blanket and your monkey lovie, both of which you've had since your newborn days.

You love your little sister so much and always come up with fun new games for the both of you to play. Of course, you do get weary of her typical little sis antics but as I mentioned before, you are great at letting us know when you need a break and some alone time. You retreat to your room to play, read or watch a show on the portable DVD. My point of sharing this is that I appreciate your ability to know when you just need to be by yourself for a bit. I admire that and I love how before long, you're right back down with the family ready for action.

You are super friendly and every day at school people, young and old, are eager to say hello to you. Your Dad said it best that walking through the halls of school with you is like walking next to a little Politician! People gravitate to your charisma and personality like a whale gravitates toward krill! ;)

Bottom line, I could go on and on with more reasons why I love you. Every so often you look up at me with your giant chestnut brown eyes, your contagious happy smile, while you're having a conversation with me and I feel something inside that I just can't describe. The best way I can try to explain it is a sense of disbelief that I am your mother. Your father and I are simply blessed to even know you, let alone call you ours.

Happy 4th Birthday, my son!
We love you to pieces.

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