Thursday, March 5, 2015

My Anecdotal Little C

Last night as I read a bedtime story to Little C, I read a line that referred to "litter bugs." Naturally his almost-four-year-old little brain started thinking about what a litter bug was.

C: I don't like litter bugs! They are really, really mean. If I see one I'm going to squash it or run away...

::pause for reflection::

C: Mom, what does a litter bug even look like?

Me: Actually, a litter bug isn't a bug at all. It is what you call someone when they drop their trash on the floor instead of putting it in the trash can.

C: Oh. But when I drop my snacks on the floor, I just pick them up and put them back in my bowl.

That Little C! He cracks me up! I love how literal young minds are. It makes for some cute conversations.

What funny thing has your little one said recently? 

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