Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up: Weed Edition

We had a very productive weekend! Friday night we grilled out and relaxed knowing we had a busy day on Saturday. But before really relaxing, the guys got started on the work...

Little C doesn't have a wheelbarrow his size but that didn't stop him from being just like Daddy! This dolly was sitting in our garage and C took it upon himself to use it like a wheelbarrow. Too funny!

Saturday we were up bright and early and went on a nice long stroller walk around the neighborhood for some exercise. We still don't have our double jogging stroller so Hubs and I each take a stroller (yes we have two, we've been hoarding my father-in-laws) and we walked at a steady pace. We covered a lot of ground and had a pretty decent workout. Not intense cardio by any means, but we were moving nonetheless.

Then we packed up the kiddos and sent them to my father-in-laws for an overnight stay! The last time the kids stayed somewhere overnight it was for a much needed K&K night. But this time we had a different agenda...

There is an area in front of our house that has become, "The Weed Pit." We have been neglecting this pit for some time and as you can tell, they were out of control! You can see how tall they were compared to the dog! At least we waited until summer officially started and it was well over 90 degrees to tackle "The Weed Pit." {read: sarcasm}


Now we just need to figure out what to do with the newly dubbed, "Dirt Patch." 

After the weeding we deep-cleaned the crap out of the house! You can currently eat off of any surface in our place, that's how clean we're talking, people. It felt so good to get the house in order. Every week we tidy up and on most weekends we scrub quickly and do the essential chores to prevent us from living in squalor. But this was a low-down-dirty cleaning that we needed to do and didn't have to worry about timing it with naps, feeding schedules, etc.

We are truly lucky to have family living so close and willing to help us out when they can. On top of tackling a lot of house work we were also able to get a solid night's sleep and even sleep PAST 7am! That right there was the true highlight of the weekend!

Plus, I think it is great for the kids to spend quality time with their grandparents. I know the grandparents eat it up and over time the relationships our kids will form with them will be very special indeed.

How was your weekend? Did you tackle any big projects? Do you try to have your kids hang with "the grands" as often as possible?


  1. We were at my mom's house in Michigan, and Munch was so happy to see her! He had a great time--it was the happiest he's been in weeks, so that was such a blessing!

    We definitely need a deep-clean day over here. Great job!

    1. Thanks! It was not fun, but so necessary. I'm glad you had a great time in Michigan and that Munch was so happy. :)