Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend-Wrap Up: K&K Night

Oh, what a weekend! I'm still exhausted from all of the fun we had! It was a weekend that Hubs and I needed so badly and it was one of those weekends that just makes you happy. Know what I mean?

I told you the run-down of our K&K adventure in Friday's post so here are a few highlights:

Here we are after dropping off both kids at my parent's house. We came home and everything was quiet and calm. Such a change of pace than what we are used to.

One of my best girlfriends came over along with Hubs' brother and sister. We sat outside on our back porch and visited for a bit then my BFF and I were off to the concert!

Let me tell you, this was one of the BEST concerts I've ever been to! Fleetwood Mac has still got it! They sounded fantastic and all of the band members have family in Colorado and consider it to be a special place for them. Fun fact: Stevie Nicks wrote Landslide in Aspen so she especially loves Colorado.

I had so much fun with my friend and we danced and sang and my soul was very, very happy. At times I would hear a lyric or a melody and I would think of my children, my husband and even my parents and I'd get a tear in my eye. Music is very powerful and a concert is such a complete visceral experience. 

After the concert we headed back to our place where we met back up with my Hubs, his bro and sis, my bro, and some of our friends. We laughed and partied like the good 'ole days and my Husband's bday celebration was a success. So many people love that man and I think he could feel it.

Needless to say we were draggin' our wagons a bit on Sunday and we picked up Little C and P-Nut in the afternoon. As much as I enjoyed our break, I was super excited to see their sweet little faces and have everyone back home. It was no longer quiet and calm as the force of toddler energy filled the house back up and it was a perfect evening with our babies to cap of our perfect weekend.

A HUGE THANK YOU to my parents for so, so many reasons. For being so generous and getting me the concert tickets for my birthday and for watching our little monsters overnight so we could enjoy some K&K time. Little C came home as tired as we were from all of the awesome, fun activities my parents did with him. We love you so much, mom and dad!! Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts. :)

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