Friday, March 15, 2013

Last night...

Last night I sat in my chair nursing P-Nut. Her body warm against mine as she made her usual sweet little baby sounds while her tiny hand rested on my chest. I gently ran my hand over her head, her hair incredibly soft. I moved my finger across her forehead and down her perfectly round cheek. I inhaled her smell and exhaled a feeling of contentment.

Then I looked up at her brother. My Little C. Almost 2 years old. He was wearing a Superman t-shirt that is one of my favs on him. We bought it when he was about a year old and it is just now fitting him properly. He is growing so fast...

He was crouched down playing with his trucks and cars, talking to them like old friends. His dark brown hair and his big, beautiful brown eyes slay me. He didn't know I was watching him and hearing his words made me feel incredibly proud. He is so smart and I can't believe how fast he is learning new things.

There is still enough baby left in him as he soldiers on through toddlerhood. My first baby moving way too fast toward "big boy" status. I want time to stand still...

I want to always remember this night. My heart was overflowing with happiness as I soaked in the feelings I have for my children. Do they know how much I love them?

Other parents with grown children constantly tell you how fast time flies. That before you know it they will be graduating from high school or even college. Having babies of their own. I would always nod and politely listen when people would tell me this. But now I get it.

I understand why the other parents tell us this. I understand why my parents hold a hug so tight and so long.

Life moves fast and we tend to fall prey to the daily grind. It is harder than we think to live in the present and to cherish every second. There are plenty of precious moments that will be erased by time or replaced by others. But then there are the moments that are burned into us forever. The moments so precious that even time will never be able to take.

Last night as I held my daughter in my arms and watched my growing boy play I had one of those moments. I'm happy, I'm grateful, and I won't forget it.

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