Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Here I Come!

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope 2013 brings much happiness and prosperity to you all! If 2012 smacked you around a bit, I hope you get a fresh start. If 2013 brings exciting new prospects for you, I hope they are everything you expect and more.

As for my little family, we will be going from three to four in a matter of days. That seems like a perfect start to the year if you ask me! I know that we have many challenges ahead as we juggle a toddler, newborn, two full-time jobs, and our sanity. But we graciously accept these challenges knowing we can overcome any hurdles or stresses that come our way.

I'm hoping 2013 brings good things to my hard-working husband. That man deserves his time in the sun and needs to be rewarded for all he does. He is an asset to his company and I'm beyond proud of him!

I'm hoping 2013 brings adventure and fun to our Little C. He will turn 2, he will be inheriting a baby sister, and we will be introducing potty training. Those may bring with it some hardships but I know his resilience will shine through. The rest of the time I hope he continues having fun, learning new things, and being the precocious, wonderful little man we know and love.

My #1 hope for P-Nut right now is that she is healthy. After that I hope she develops and thrives as she should and that we have a positive experience with nursing. I also hope she is happy and a terrific sleeper. (wishful thinking)

As for me... I overcame some personal stuff in 2012 and I am really proud of where I sit today. This pregnancy changed me in a very positive way and with the help from my husband and my therapist, I was able to get through some difficult stretches. Yes I am grateful for the help and support but what I've learned above all in 2012 is that I possess everything I need to overcome my "demons" (for lack of a better word). I learned so much about myself from this pregnancy and what I need to be happy. I am so thankful for P-Nut's timing. This is all very personal and may not make a lick of sense but I feel compelled to share because it really was a huge part of 2012 for me and will shape 2013 as well.

In addition to continuing on with my personal growth and positive changes, I am also looking forward to growing in my motherhood role. It is a role I cherish and it is ever changing. 2013 will be interesting as I take on two!

Lastly, I am looking forward to what's in store for my marriage. I think it is safe to say that parenthood has challenged us more than anything we've ever experienced. But I will say that it has also strengthened us more than anything we've experienced. I'm blessed to have such an amazing partner by my side as we navigate through our lives and I look forward to what 2013 has in store for us.

As I head into this exciting new year I also want to say "thank you" to everyone that stops by to read My Full-Thyme Life. Writing here has proven to be a very positive experience of my 2012 and I look forward to what's yet to come. I will be growing the site, I will actually have a real giveaway soon (like real bloggers do), and I will be having more guest posts. I appreciate all of your comments and your interest. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Happy New Year!!! What are your hopes for 2013?


  1. Congratulations on the new baby! I've just recently moved to Denver, so I find myself with a lot more goals than in past years. New social network, new professional network, new foods, new exercise, new business, new everything.

    We'd been living in Fairbanks, Alaska - so our food choices were limited and expensive, exercise was difficult (who runs at -45* F? Not me.)

    And of course, new blogs and getting in to this new culture.

    This is a great post to find you with! Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks! Welcome to Denver!! Feel free to contact me if you want any recommendations. Happy New Year to you too and I hope your new transitions go well for you. :)

  2. So very exciting!! I can't believe the day is almost here already. Goodness gracious time moves quick. I am so glad that you are proud of "where you sit" (I love that, btw) and I cannot wait to see that gorgeous baby.

    1. Thanks, Tiff! And thanks for your kind words. :)