Sunday, January 20, 2013

Two weeks in the trenches

Today marks two weeks as a family of four! I am happy to report that all of us from P-Nut on up, are doing well. We are doing well but it has definitely been a tough two weeks. This two kids stuff is no joke!

Hubs and I are beyond exhausted but it's amazing what you can do on such little sleep. It is also amazing what you are NOT able to do on such little sleep. Things like, complete a sentence, remember why you walked into the room you are standing in, figure out what to have for dinner, etc.

Being so tired means our patience are thin and we find ourselves trying to not get short with Little C. After all, we can't fault him for being a toddler and adjusting to all of this himself. We have been experiencing a great deal of behavior challenges from our little guy. The evenings are hit or miss whether or not we will be having a peaceful or trying time. He's started screaming. All. The. Time. During play, during tantrums, if he doesn't get his way, at the dinner table... you get the idea. He starts to cry when P-Nut cries. Every time he takes a tumble or bumps his foot or hand on something he fake cries and wants extra attention. He's refusing naps, takes forever to finally fall asleep and then only sleeps for about 1 hour. He typically averages 2 1/2 - 3 hours.

We know this is all partly his age and partly his way of adjusting to his baby sister. I feel bad for him... He's doing the best he can.

P-Nut has been spending the past two weeks eating, sleeping and {a'hem} pooping. I do not remember Little C pooping as much as P-Nut!! At one point early on she would go every 20 minutes! Of course I immediately thought she had inherited Little C's tummy troubles and I called the Pediatrician to make sure the frequency was normal. Since this is our second baby I at least didn't panic and call the after hours doc. I waited until an appropriate time to call and I was assured that the frequency was normal and we had nothing to worry about. Whew!

I will dedicate a post to breastfeeding but I am happy to report that things are going very well in that department. I can't tell you how happy that makes me! I took P-Nut to a local lactation center to weigh her on Thursday and she was slightly over her birth weight! I'm so proud of her and myself.
:: dusts off shoulders ::

As for me, I'm feeling really good... physically. Mentally I've had my ups and downs. The "baby blues" have definitely made their presence known which is completely "normal" and happened with Little C as well. So far I feel safe to say it is NOT postpartum depression, which I was worried about after the issues I had while pregnant. I know it will pass and I'm starting to feel like it already has.

Yes, this is hard. I didn't want to hide the real stuff from you and there is even plenty that I have kept private for TMI purposes. But the best part is that as hard as it is, it is also amazing! I've always said, nothing worth having comes easy.

For every Little C tantrum or difficult behavior episode we also have plenty of laughs and great days with our son. As hard as it is to sleep in two hour increments and to have cracked, bleeding nipples, {oops, TMI snuck in there. Sorry!} it is amazing to see my newborn daughter change and grow before my eyes. The quiet moments in the middle of the night where it is just me and her are very precious indeed.

Hearing Little C say, "hi baby sheester, I love you." Melts our hearts! Sitting in bed with my husband and our two kids is surreal without a doubt, but so perfect.

Two weeks down... a lifetime to go. Ready as I'll ever be!

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  1. I hope you're able to get some sleep! I feel you on the toddler tantrums--our 22 month old has been screaming over everything and nothing the past week. I can't imagine dealing with that along with all the newborn stuff. I'm sure he'll settle in--what a transition for him as well!