Monday, May 11, 2015

Weekend Wrap-up: Mother's Day edition

This weekend was a good one! We enjoyed celebrating our wonderful mothers and I was able to have a super relaxing Sunday afternoon/evening.

It all started on Saturday morning. We went out for breakfast with my mother-in-law, Hubs siblings and the kids. The restaurant had a train track mounted near the ceiling and a train circled overhead. The kids got a huge kick out of that! 

At one point Little C asked for more sausage and I knew Little Miss wasn't going to eat all of hers so I snatched a link from her plate and gave it to her brother. Her reaction to this was priceless and luckily I was able to snap a quick pic of her dramatic displeasure. Of course, we all thought it was adorable and couldn't help but laugh. The baby sister struggle is real. ;)

After breakfast we went bowling which was a perfect activity for all ages. I miraculously won the first game between the adults and Hubs won the second game. It was marital domination! ha!

Saturday night we hunkered in for a family movie. We chose Frozen which was very apropos for that night as snow was falling at a fast and furious rate. We even had the fireplace on in MAY! Alright, Colorado. Please stop. Thank you.

On Sunday after sleeping in, I woke up to fresh coffee, cinnamon rolls, homemade omelet a la Hubs and a beautiful bouquet of flowers and cards. I loved every bit of it! Or should I say, every bite of it! ::snort::

After brehkie we met my mom and brother at Tagawa Gardens. It is a giant greenhouse and every year  for Mother's Day they have a huge open house event with live music. The kids loved helping their Mopsi pick out flowers and they even enjoyed listening to the music. It was a really fun calypso-type band and you couldn't help tap your feet to the beat. The only thing missing was my dad who is still recovering from knee replacement surgery. :( But as soon as we finished at the greenhouse, we went back to my parents house for burgers and dessert and to visit with Popsi.

The rest of Sunday was very relaxing thanks to two wiped out kiddos who took long naps, and some catching up with House of Cards on Netflix. Hubs had grand plans of making my requested dinner of choice but after a long day/weekend I requested that we just relax and order pizza instead. It was perfect! 

Finally, after our supper easy dinner we opted for a family movie on Netflix that we knew Little C would love. Hubs and I devoured Planet Earth when it first came out and since C is so into animals we've been waiting for the best opportunity to share it with him. We started with Oceans because our animal lover's current obsession is sea creatures. When the show cut to a dolphin playfully riding a wave then bursting out of the water in delight, C exclaimed, "this is AWESOME!!" It was music to our ears.

The weekend was a blessing for sure! I loved celebrating with the two women that make our world go 'round and above all, I loved celebrating motherhood. It's not always easy but man is it worth it. The love I have for my children could move mountains and I definitely hit the jackpot with these two nuggets! 

I hope all the mamas out there had a great Mother's Day! What did you do to celebrate?

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