Monday, December 15, 2014

Weekend Wrap-up

This post was supposed to be filled with photos of me in my cocktail dress, sexy black high heels, and Holiday red lipstick while on the arm of my man-candy Hubs in downtown Denver. But alas, that did not happen. My dress never made it off the hanger and we never made it to the company Holiday Party.

On Saturday while we were out running errands I started to feel nauseous and at first I chalked it up to being hungry, tired, and run-down (NOT pregnant - for the record). But it never let up and the feeling was only getting worse. I did start on a new medication last week and I don't think it is agreeing with me. Has that ever happened to you? Anyway, the very thought of getting up and getting dressed made me want to puke, so we threw in the towel on the shindig.

I was super bummed! We had arranged for the kids to have a sleep over at the Grands which they still did so at least I could wallow in my nausea without having to run after two "live wires!" It was a pretty peaceful and quiet Saturday night at our house. Although the highlight was watching Guardians of the Galaxy. Have you seen it?!? Seriously a great movie! It's a funny, Sci-fi, action packed, pulls on the heart strings, kind of flick. I highly recommend it!

Sunday was lazy and perfect. The kids came home from the Grands early that morning and it was cold and snowy outside. We played hide-and-seek, baked cookies, and put up the train set. I was still not feeling 100% so once the kids went down for naps I took full advantage of the down time. Hubs even insisted that I go rest on the couch while he did all the dinner prep! ::swoon:: What a guy!

Now it's Monday and I'm still not feeling top-notch and I'm hoping it passes soon. Mondays are rough enough as it is without feeling poorly on top of it!

How was your weekend? I hope you have a great week! 


  1. We have the exact same Red Wings blanket!

  2. Bummer, but glad you got a little quiet time!