Friday, December 12, 2014


It's Friday!

Today at work there is a Christmas Cookie and Ugly Sweater Holiday Party. I baked zero cookies and am not wearing a sweater of any kind. I just couldn't pull it all together and honestly, didn't have the gumption to pull it all together. I love me some Christmas festivities and upon seeing everyone else's awesomeness, I felt I should at least do a little something. So, with the help of a co-worker's left over sweater decor, we fashioned this gem...


Tomorrow is the company's Holiday Party and the Hubs and I are going to get all fancied up and have a real grown-up night out. I'll be wearing a cocktail dress AND we'll be downtown! I'm super excited! However, I am having mild anxiety about what to do with my hair. I see some Pintrest surfing in my near future.

Hope everyone has a great day! Do you hear that??? It's the weekend calling. :)

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