Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Where will you lead me next?

You see that golf club over there? It's not actually a golf club. Oh, no... it's Little C's trusty steed! He gallops into the living room where I'm sitting with Baby D-Nut and he announces that he's riding his horse to the farm.

Me: "What is your horse's name?"

C: "Procket."

Me: "Procket?"

C: "No, mom. SP-rocket."

Me: "Oh! Sprocket. Nice."

Before I know it there is a second golf club making its way into my hand. "This is your horse, Mom. His name is Rusty."

Me: "What about baby sis? Does she get a horse?"

C: "Here you go sis! Your horse's name is Junie."

We are then instructed how to properly ride our horses and ordered asked to escort Cowboy C to the farm. But wouldntcha know, on the way to the farm there is a giant spider in a giant web that wants to eat our horses!!! ::gasp::

Cowboy C protects us all by using his remote control "trouble ray" to knock the spider off of the web and scares him away. We are grateful for our fearless leader's quick thinking!

We continue on our journey to the farm and have to take a detour upstairs to the desert. It is a brief visit because our horses get very thirsty and need to find a watering hole to get something to drink. Plus, there is a skeleton in the desert and Cowboy C says it is too scary for Baby D-Nut and we should leave immediately.

We make it to the watering hole and let Sprocket, Rusty and Junie have a rest and a drink. They don't get much of a break though, Cowboy C runs a tight ship and we need to make it to the farm before sundown.

Finally, the three weary riders reach the farm. The motherland! The horses, Cowboy C and his traveling compadres are all very happy. C then proceeds to build us a tower of blocks campfire and he asks if we know any campfire songs. I lead us through my repertoire.

Just as we finish our last song we hear an alarm throughout the farm. It's dad calling us for dinner. All at once our world shifts. The campfire is nothing more than smokey ashes and I find myself back in the living room stepping over a tower of blocks, three golf clubs and a remote control to join my family at the table for dinner.

Until we meet again, Cowboy C!

Or is it Fire Captain C? Pirate C? C-Rex?

Where will you lead me next?

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