Friday, September 6, 2013

Mama and Baby Update - Month 8

Sweet Baby P-Nut is 8 months old!!!

What a fun age! I can't tell you enough how neat it is to see a personality starting to develop and shine through. Here are the deets:

  • Teeth: One on the bottom front is poking through and you can barely see the one next to it start to make an appearance as well. Teething has been a doozy for the Nut! The sleepless nights have been no fun for anyone! 
  • Talking: She is proficient at blowing raspberries and she does it all. the. time. She is also saying "da, da, da" now and even seems to be associating it with her beloved Dada. She loves to scream in a playful way and she also makes this loud "pushing" sound and gets a super scrunched up face. It is too cute!
  • Rolling: Whenever humanly possible.
  • Crawling: Going backwards is easy for her and she is slowly starting to inch her way in a forward motion now.
  • Standing: I feel it won't be long before she is pulling herself up to standing. She try's very hard and I know she'll figure it out soon.
  • Sippy Cuppin': She's got it down. With the hot weather we've been having I like that she will drink water when we are outside and it's hotter than Hades! We give her the sippy at every meal and we always have it with us in the diaper bag. 
  • Clapping: Clapping makes her so happy! She even knows when to do it. If she is just sitting there minding her own business and you say, "YAY" she will start clapping. 

Our little P-Nut is so strong and seriously easy going. She goes with the flow whether she's at daycare, at home, dealing with a rough and tumble toddler, swimming, running errands, visiting family, etc. She just takes it all in and doesn't make a fuss. 

However, she does have a bit of separation anxiety but it usually doesn't last too long. She is definitely a Mama's girl and if I go out of her sight she will whine or cry for a little bit before she realizes it's not the end of the world. Of course, I'd be lying if I said I didn't like it that she is so attached to me. It feels nice but I also don't go to her rescue with every whimper. I want her to spend time with her loved ones and get to know them too. Her big brother was quite the opposite and was very strongly attached to the Hubs so another reason why I am kind of loving it. ;)

Mama Update:
I have been having so much fun with P-Nuckle! She seriously is a joy and I swear compared to the all around force that is her toddler brother, she is a breath of fresh air. That is not meant to say Little C isn't a joy himself, just that the life of a baby is much less demanding than the life of a toddler. Does that make sense? I know it's all relative so this is just my personal opinion.

One thing that is new to me are Mommy Playdates. I never really organized or sought them out when C was a baby. One of the moms in P-Nuts class asked if I wanted to join her and her daughter (born three days before Miss P), for an unofficial swim class. It would be a small group of other working moms and we will get together maybe once a month. One of the moms used to teach swim lessons so she is a pro. I didn't hesitate and I seriously had a blast getting to know the other ladies and spending some quality time with my daughter. 

(Not the best pic. I wish you could see her super cute suit)
Lastly, I'm dried up. No more milk to give. It pretty much happened officially this week. Very bitter sweet but I knew at the rate I was going it was bound to happen. We are currently comfort nursing and I'm a-okay with that. It still provides us a lovely bond and I know that someday soon she may not even need that.

(I adore that she rests her foot here every time we nurse)

She has never been big into her paci and at first I started to think I WAS her pacifier but then I came across this lovely quote on Kelly Mom:

"You are not a pacifier; you are a Mom. You are the sun, the moon, the earth, you are liquid love, you are warmth, you are security, you are comfort in the very deepest aspect of the meaning of comfort... but you are not a pacifier!" - Paula Yount

If that doesn't put wind in your sail and make your heart sing, I don't know what will.

Happy 8 months, sweet girl!

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