Thursday, September 12, 2013

#12ThingsILoveAboutMe - September

It's that time again! This month I love my...


Not because they are beautiful aesthetically, I mean, they aren't terrible to look at, but I chose them because they allow me to do so many things. So many wonderful, amazing things that I take for granted on a regular basis.

My hands can be strong and powerful and conversely, soft and gentle. They are allowing me to type this post out. They help me at work. They help me to take care of myself whether its brushing my hair, my teeth, or applying my make-up or maybe supporting the weight of my body as I practice yoga.

My hands turn my favorite hobby of cooking into a visceral experience. Feeling the way the knife cuts through a soft, spongy mushroom compared to a crisp, wet onion. Dipping the tip of my finger into the hot sauce bubbling on the stove to take a small taste. The smell left on my finger tips from mincing garlic cloves is intoxicating to me and the sting from lemon juice finding my paper cut is surprising.

My hands are friendly giving hugs and high-fives to my besties. My hands mean business and are tough  mo' fo's when I need to send a gesture to an idiot driver. My hands are lovers as they caress the back of my husbands neck when I give him a kiss.

I also have Mama hands. To lay on my pregnant belly and feel a kick for the first time. To reach down and touch my newborn child as they are placed onto my chest.  To apply band aids, wipe butts, and yes, even to cup beneath the chin of child as they literally get sick in my hands.

But my favorite use of the Mama hands would have to be the very first time that oh-so-tiny hand wraps tightly around your finger. Nothing beats it.

I love my HANDS!! So many uses and so many ways they allow me to feel life around me. What a gift they are!

They're A-okay in my book!

Couldn't resist. ;)

What do you love about yourself this month? Shout it out with me here or on Twitter!

You are beautiful!