Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Just a bit of Brain Dumpin'

I'm exhausted
I'm exhausted because I have a toddler that is pushing any and all boundaries at home and it's draining me.
I'm in a rut
I'm hungry for change and I'm ready for a new challenge. But what?
I'm loving the cool, rainy weather we're having. I enjoy a beautiful sunny day but there is something so calming and lovely about the rain.
I'm wondering if we should have put Baby Sis in a long-sleeved shirt instead of short-sleeves today. It's chilly outside but will she be warm enough at daycare?
I'm loving my coffee. It smells and tastes so delightful and I'm eagerly waiting for it to kick in.
I'm wondering if there is a rule about wearing coral and turquoise after labor day? Anyone know?
I'm thinking about trying one last time to make zucchini and squash with dinner tonight. They keep coming out mushy when I roast them so I'm on to plan B. If they don't turn out this time, I'm forever bound to zucchini bread and nothing else.
So You Think You Can Dance finale is tonight and I can't wait!! I'm thinking Amy and Fik-shun are going to take it all. They are so damn good!
Master Chef finale is tomorrow night and I also can't wait! That is one show Hubs and I watch together and it has been a great season. I think Natasha should win but for some reason I have a feeling it will be Luca. We'll see.
I love how I think I will get to watch both finales when in reality they will be DVR'd due to the kids and it's anyone's guess when I will be able to squeeze in watching both shows from start to finish. I bet by Sunday I will have finally made it through them both but by then will already know who the winners are. Womp.
I need a good food magazine to read.
What are the kids going to be for Halloween?
I can't believe it's going to be Halloween before we know it!
I need to step it up in our office football pool. I didn't do so hot this first week. ::taps cheeks:: Pull it together, Kendra!

Need a brain dump yourself? What's on your mind today? Any finales you are excited to watch? For the love of Pete, how do you prevent zucchini and squash from getting mushy?!?!?

Have a great day!

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