Thursday, July 2, 2015

Vacation is Calling

T minus one day. ONE DAY!

We are leaving for our first family vacation tomorrow afternoon. I can't remember the last time Hubs and I went on a trip... Was it to Mexico eight years ago??? To date the only bags the kids have needed packed were for an overnight at the grandparents.

Tomorrow we're off to Jacksonville, FL for fun, sun, beach, and a wedding. My lovely mother-in-law is getting married and we all couldn't be happier for her. There will be a few wedding related events but for the most part we get to do our own thing and truly unplug and relax. Because that's what you can do while traveling with a 4 and 2.5 year old, right? It's super duper relaxing and you get to lay on the beach, uninterrupted and read a good book, party hardy at night and sleep in extra late in the morning, right? Right???

Lie to me. Please.

I kid. I'm really very excited to make memories with my little family. Splashing in the ocean, playing in the sand, and just soaking up all of the smiles and giggles along the way. I'm sure Hubs and I will get some time to ourselves thanks to all the family that will be there with us, but aside from that, experiencing a new place with the kids will be so much fun!

As you know, Little C is quite the ocean animal aficionado and has been asking all kinds of ocean related questions about FL. The poor little guy has no frame of reference of what the ocean/beach experience is like. I have a feeling that he thinks we'll be walking into an animal kingdom where whales, sharks, manta rays, etc. will be up close and personal. He keeps saying, "I don't have to swim in the ocean, do I?" We keep showing him beach photos and doing our best to explain things to him but I know once he see's it for himself he'll be okay. We can sense some minor anxiety which is par for the course with C so I really can't wait to just get there and put him at ease.

As for Lil Miss... she's just going with the flow. I'm most worried about her sitting still on the airplane because she maxes out at about 20 minutes before she must move around. In fact flying with the kids is what I'm experiencing anxiety over because I just don't know what to expect and I keep playing varying scenarios in my head. I wonder where Little C gets it from?

We'll all be just fine and I can't wait to be there as our kids see the ocean for the first time! I get giddy just thinking about it! When you live in a landlocked state like we do, the ocean is a big deal!

So come five o'clock you'll have to excuse me when I leave the office like this...

Florida, here we come!!!

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