Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Sweet Girl,
Today is your 2nd birthday! I'm so excited to celebrate with you and I wanted to drop a line to share some of my thoughts on your past year.

Let me just start by saying I love you more than I could ever express. Your past year as a one year old was such a fun one! You hit the ground running (figuratively and literally). You are constantly on the move and your favorite mode is either running or jumping. Probably because it's how you keep up with your big brother!

Speaking of your big brother... This past year the two of you started to play together in a very engaging way. You really are each other's best friends and you get lost in your made up games and giggles. Your brother adores you and wants to comfort you when you are crying, help you down the stairs if you are struggling, and share with you when you have none. Even this morning he burst into his classroom at drop-off and announced proudly, "Today is my sister's birthday!" The teacher chuckled and replied back with a smile, "I know, that's all you could talk about yesterday." He cares for you so very much and we all know the feeling is mutual.

See for yourself...

You look up to him! Once again, figuratively and (as you can see by the pics) literally!

But I think what your Father and I have enjoyed the most about one-year-old-you, is to behold the truly amazing little being you've blossomed into. As a baby you were a silent observer barely making a peep. But now? Holy guacamole!!!! I've mentioned it here before, you are a true force. Fearless, eager, lovable, hilarious, head-strong, and quite the intellect. We only have to show something or explain something to you once and you've got the hang of it. You figure things out on your own in a very methodical and pragmatic way. We are constantly in awe of you and occasionally shaking our heads to your wild antics. We don't stifle said antics we just know it is who you are and you need to figure things out your own way. And in case you were wondering... "your own way" is usually the rough and tumble way!

You are tough as nails but girly and sweet at the same time. You've had a strong love of stuffed animals since you were a tiny baby and you turn to lamby and pink blankie for soothing. You could live off of yogurt and macaroni and cheese if we'd let you. And you are the most expressive little girl I know!

Oh, Marlow. ::happy sigh::

I'm beyond excited to see what's in store for you. If these past two years have taught me anything, it's that YOU will carve your own path, at your own pace, on your own terms. And my sweet girl, we'd have it no other way...


  1. OMG her expressions are so cute!!! I Especially love the one with the #cutie shirt! Happy bday!