Saturday, December 28, 2013

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Hello! How was your Christmas? Ours was great! Exhausting, but great. I think the kids even felt the same way because for the past two days they slept in till nearly 8am!!! That's unheard of!

Perhaps you've seen or at least heard of the movie Four Christmases? Well that is us. I have a large family so we do our best to make the rounds. It is a lot of fun but leaves us drained once it's all over. Our kids get a bit overwhelmed as well.

Little C probably feels it the worst. When he doesn't have structure and there is a ton of sensory overload for him he lets it show in the way of temper tantrums and grumpy behavior. He did his very best and truly did a great job but we had some moments and I think getting him back to daycare on Thursday to resume his standard routine was welcome for all of us. Is your toddler the same way?

Baby D-Nut's first Christmas was great and as always she just rolled with the punches and held up well. Of course she received some fun and age-appropriate toys but wanted nothing to do with them after seeing big brother's loot. Whatever he had, she wanted. Such is the life of siblings, yes?

All-in-all Christmas 2013 was a success. C was at a fun age and having a baby girl meant ALL THE PUFFY DRESSES!!

Now that Christmas is behind us, we're gearing up for Baby D-Nut's 1st birthday. I didn't get my act together to print off fancy schmancy etsy invites for my girl's party. So Evites were recently sent out and that will just have to do.

I saw this post on Mommy Shorts recently and it gave us the brilliant idea for a breakfast/pajama party. We did a Cookie Monster 1st birthday for Little C because leading up to his big day he was a huge Cookie Monster fan and it was a no-brainer. But Baby D-Nut honestly doesn't have anything she is specifically drawn to or that we notice as her most favorite thing so for a while we were struggling with what to do for her.

I know a "theme" isn't necessary but Hubs and I do enjoy having one for the kids. And when I say "Hubs and I" that is just what I mean. He plans these shindigs right along with me and enjoys the details as much as I do.

So when I showed him the post about the pajama party he was sold and I told him the best part would be because her nickname is Baby Donut and because we'd be serving breakfast there would most definitely have to be miniature donuts on the menu. I mean... come on! How cute is that?!?!

So that's what's up next for us. I'm so excited for our girl's celebration! I still can't believe we are closing in on her first year. It was a good one for sure. And just like I did leading up to Little C's first birthday, I do plan to do some reflecting. That is, if I can stop myself from welling up every time I sit down to type! Good thing I recently stocked up on tissues. ;)

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