Friday, December 6, 2013

Baby Update - Month 11

Here we are! 11 months old!

I am very much in denial but mostly... I'm just flipping exhausted!! For the last two weeks the sweet, precious little face you see above has made it her new life mission to NOT SLEEP through the night any longer.

I don't know why. I don't know how to fix it. I don't know if it's a growth spurt, teething, ear ache, stomach ache, etc. I have purchased the Wonder Weeks on my Kindle in hopes to shed light on things, but I'm too damn tired to read it.

We've tried crying it out and soothing techniques. We've tried to convince her to use a paci. We've tried white-noise in her room. We've tried everything short of standing on our heads and reciting the Gettysburg Address if we knew it would get her to stop this madness.

We've been giving her bottles in the middle of the night as it is the only thing that will calm her down from the uproarious cries she bellows from her crib at all hours of the night! But it boggles our minds because she guzzles a full 8-9oz bottle before bed every night. Is it not enough?!?!?

Of course, now we think we've created a monster because she is so used to these "after hours feedings" that breaking her of them is going to be all kinds of difficult.

She's exhausted and out of whack. Hubs and I are exhausted and out of whack and I'm really starting to dread the nighttime like a trip to the dentist or something.

She cut a top tooth recently and the second is close behind so I'm hoping that is all this is and it will be over soon. But if it's not... I just.... I don't know what else we will do. It is so hard not knowing how to help her out and not being able to understand if something is troubling her (like pain or an ailment of some sort) or if it is developmental. The guessing game is the hardest thing for me. I want to know what is wrong and I want to fix it.

As for an 11 month update... All I can say is that despite this episode she is doing great. Her eating likes and dislikes are changing by the day. She is so close to saying simple words and I wonder what her first real one will be.

It is clearer to us now than ever before that this girl is a force. She marches to the beat of her own drummer and she will do things on her own terms without any persuasion from anyone. She demonstrates fearlessness at her very young age and it is such a fun sight to see! Give this girl a playground or jungle gym to climb on and watch out!

Still not walking and she doesn't seem too eager to get moving. She uses her Vtech walker like crazy but when we hold her hands to walk around she immediately sits down. We aren't pushing her but we keep at it to hopefully get her more comfortable with being bipedal. ;)

I'm sure there are more poignant things to address and update you on but I can't seem to recall them at the moment because I can barely see straight to type this post out!

The next time you get a "Baby Update" our D-Nut will be ONE YEAR OLD!! Can you believe it? We are so behind on party planning because, you know, the Holidays and such. But we are gearing up to get all the deets squared away. I hope we learn how to juggle the whole Holiday/birthday grind much better as each year passes. Because right now it is a bit overwhelming at times. Fun and exciting, but overwhelming for sure.

So that's my drone update for the day. And if anyone out there has any suggestions or helpful tips for this sleep regression we are experiencing, I'm all ears! 

She may be driving us batty with her maddening middle of the night shenanigans, but we are still having fun with our D-Nut!

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