Thursday, October 17, 2013

Baby Update - Month 9

I'm a little late on this update but here it is nonetheless. Can you believe P-Nut is 9 months old?!? That doesn't sound as shocking as when I think about there being THREE MONTHS until she turns ONE!! That is cuh-razy.

Her 9 month check-up went very well and she is as healthy as a horse! Even with her stint with strep she didn't lose too much weight which I was relieved about. We were literally struggling for every ounce when it came to Little C so not having to worry about it so much with P-Nut has been such a nice change of pace.

We still suspect an aversion to dairy. So far butter doesn't seem to be an issue and if milk is a minor ingredient in something it doesn't seem to matter either. We recently tried to give her some regular formula and she instantly broke out in a rash and her stomach was very upset. Needless to say, we're sticking with soy!

Here are some more highlights: 

Teeth: Two pearly whites are fully through her bottom gums which makes for some pretty adorable smiles. 

Talking: She is quiet for the most part but when she chooses to she is babbling up a storm. No real changes in this department.

Standing: She now can pull herself up to standing no problem and can cruise like a champ! The other day Little C was running around the house and I started thinking how there will be two of them running amok before we know it. I think Sis is ready to get bipedal so she can keep up with her brother. 

Eating: P-Nut is enjoying table foods with us at dinner and I am so happy about that! It is nice to just give her bits of what we are eating instead of finding a time when one of us can spoon feed her either before or after dinner. Now, she just eats right along side of us! We are basically on a try anything and everything diet at the moment just to see if she likes it. Of course, when I say "anything and everything" I mean of the items that are appropriate for a baby, but not much is off limits. So far her favorites are:
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Avocado - cubed or mushed
  • Cauliflower - roasted with light EVOO, salt and pepper
  • Pasta - any kind, plain w/ light butter 
  • Black beans - whole beans
  • Green beans - steamed, given whole so she can gnaw on them
  • Rice
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Bananas
  • Chili - we gave her a tiny spoonful with her pasta the other night and she really liked it. 
Bottles: We are currently weaning her from 5 per day to 3. It is time for her to start getting more of her calories from solids instead of formula.

  • She can wave. The cute baby open-and-close of the hand kind of wave.
  • She plays peek-a-boo anytime she is holding a blanket. It is so cute!
  • She loves, and I mean loves, to hang upside down. Sometimes when I'm holding her in my lap she will fling her head and neck backwards for me to dangle her. Her body lays in my lap and she just hangs her head back and we sway. She can't get enough! 
  • She loves swimming.
  • Her hair is slowly but surely growing in and it continues to be a shiny, bright blonde. 
Mama Update:
Not much to report here. Which I consider a good thing! I'm just loving life with my baby girl. :)

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