Thursday, January 5, 2017

2017 Goals - January

Two years ago I started working out regularly in preparation for a trip to Jacksonville, FL. I started posting monthly goals and I have to say, it really helped keep me accountable and motivated throughout the process. I also was able to hit some (in my opinion) impressive goals and physically achieve things I never thought I could!

I feel the need to get back to it and while I'm very tardy to the first-of-the-year party, it's still not too late to set some goals for the month. So let's do this, shall we?!?!

  1. Lose 5 lbs. - I totally feel this is doable in a month
  2. Workout at least 3 days a week - so far I have 2 times for this week. I will document and report back in Feb. 
  3. Work on my It Works business every single day and follow the 90 day burst to a T - I'll share more about my new gig at a later time, this post is just for goals. 
That's it for now! I'm excited to get back at it. What are your goals for the month? 

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